Luciana Luther

Luciana Luther


This seductive temptress was born for the art of love, delving into the subject passionately and eagerly from a young age. I started by reading novels, getting lost in stories of mystical Geisha's, erotic harems, and talented Courtesans from around the world.

Now a grown woman, I happily dedicate myself to hedonism and to all the pleasures available to man.   You will be instantly awed and enticed when we meet.

My petite figure is fit and voluptuous. Delicious arm candy that easily drapes into your arms. My playful laughter quickly puts you at ease. These pillowy soft lips, velvety olive skin, come-hither hazel eyes draw you in closer and closer.

Sophisticated style, book smarts, and natural sexuality also makes for the perfect companion for any environment or situation - be it the bedroom, vacation, or a dinner date.

With an insatiable hunger for travel and exploration; I have travelled most of Canada, Latin America & Europe.

My interest in other cultures and desire to know more, naturally encompasses languages as well. I am fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese. Basic Arabic ( It's a work in progress). In my college years I worked at a radio station doing commercials in Punjabi and Hindi.

Having been a business owner, responsible for a team, I know the value of your time and the importance of punctuality.

I respect and appreciate you for choosing me to spend your time with as I know that unlike finances, time can not be replenished.


I am so fortunate to have such amazing people who want to share with me their precious time. I cherish all of the moments.  Everything you do for me will never go unnoticed and will be rewarded with my beautiful smile.

Whether by mere fate or coincidence that brought you here, it doesn't really matter. You are reading this right now because you want to know more about me.  You want to know how soft my skin feels, the smell of my hair, and the taste of my soft lips. You can't help but imagine all the things you will do when we meet.

Life is short, make every experience amazing. 

Luciana Luther


I am available for social accompaniment, private entertainment, event hosting, and travel. Charming and well spoken, I am a breath of fresh air to spend an evening with.                            

With sufficient notice I can arrange for one of my bombshell gal pals to join me.

Canada & US
1 hour 1500                                                                                                                                                       2 hours 3000                                                                                                                                                     3 hours 4500                                                                                                                                                    4 4 hours 6000

* Ask about longer engagements 

- National and international travel is available.
- A deposit of 50% is required to book via EMT or bitcoin.


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I love gift cards however I always melt when opening a box containing some beautiful items specifically chosen for me.

Bust: 34 "i"
Bottom: Medium
Dress:  6
Shoe size: 6.5 American / 37 European

Agent Provocateur
Manolo Blahnik
Christian Louboutin 
Tom Ford
Louis Vuitton
True Religion
Jennifer Le

- I like to indulge in Swiss milk chocolate. 
- I absolutely adore red roses and simple exotic flower arrangements.
- A Champagne girl at heart (Vueve Clicquot, Cristal, Ace Of Spades).
- I enjoy vodka (Ciroc original or unflavored).

Gift Cards:
New Image Medi Spa (Edmonton AB)
Urban Retreat Day Spa ( Edmonton, AB)
Chi at Shangri La (Vancouver, BC) 
Hammam Spa, (Toronto, ON)


I look forward to meeting you! To arrange our date, you can easily fill in my booking form through the button below,

If emailing, be sure to include the following:

- Your name and board handle
- Your approximate age
- An email I can contact you back on
- State which city you would like to see me in
- State which day, time, and duration of proposed date
- For safety reasons, provide 2 references from reputable providers you've seen within the past year
- Provide some information about yourself and your desired experience

You may also email or  text me with the necessary screening info.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Text: 780 916 5752 ( no text app, no call, not a chat line.)

* A deposit of 50% or full payment  is required to reserve our time together *

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